TomMustBe12 is an experienced web developer, gamer, along with other things. This is his homepage.

Projects Worked On

From Discord Bots to WebSocket Chats, TomMustBe12 is always working on something!


Many people who like his content

YouTuber Friends

You can count on them to release good content too, maybe sometimes with Tom in it!


The coding is used with perfectly placed lines, so that it is easy to follow along.


TomMustBe12 creates videos that are not dangerous or risky.


TomMustBe12 puts these videos together with good form.

You'd Love the Videos

No joke, you would like his videos. They are always helpful and funny.


Multiple Subjects
Less Boredom

TomMustBe12 doesn't focus on just one subject. He focuses on a wide variety of things, mostly involving
computers, technology, or video games.

Coding videos
Most popular TomMustBe12 coding language, HTML/CSS/JS is the basic format of a website/webpage!
Discord bots
Discord bots! Yes, TomMustBe12 has and makes Discord bots, and is happy to share this coding knowledge with you.
Other coding languages or types of coding, such as Node.JS or some machine code such as VBScript.
Gaming videos
We all know the it - the fun block-game with many features.
If you haven't heard of MineKhan, it's a game similar to Minecraft, but online with easy-to-create servers!
Other videos
Information involving Discord and things like that.
MineKhan tutorials, and other stuff.
Great Videos Just for you TomMustBe12 creates amazing videos. He doesn't create ones that are just for views or subscribers, he makes them for you, making sure that they are just right for the audience!

Something Wrong?
No problem

The best way to fix something is to contact TomMustBe12 or to look it up.
Don't worry, it happens to all of us sometimes.

Videos made the way you want
No matter what is happening, TomMustBe12 promises that you'll like it. Again, the videos are good!!
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Learn more about why TomMustBe12 likes coding and why he strives to create good videos about it.
Learn about why TomMustBe12 enjoys gaming so much, and find out more about what he likes doing in the Gaming realm.
How it all fits together
TomMustBe12 doesn't just like coding and gaming for any old reason - he enjoys it because they both fit together.

Videos watched by over
10,000 people.

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Clard Blurst
June 4, 2023
Keep the work up, man. This helped me out a lot. You are truly a great helper with these kind of things, and I am glad you are there to help me.
May 20, 2023
hi bro I have no idea who you are but I wish you the best in whatever you want to do :)
February 21, 2023
nice video!
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Website by TomMustBe12
TomMustBe12 created this website so that you can learn more about him and what he likes to do. He created it so that he could show you his hobbies and interests, and so that you can contact him if needed.

TomMustBe12's cousin and fellow YouTuber Rysterio's page can be found here.