Welcome to TomMustBe12's SMP Server

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Welcome to TomMustBe12's SMP Server

Experience the fun of an anarchy server where you can be the most powerful person.

About The Server

There's not much to say about this server. This server was created by TomMustBe12. He wanted to have an anarchy server that he saw fit. And now, it came to be this! It already has over 10 players, including TomMustBe12, bontboss, and DaManGamingXD!


Explore the features of this server!

I encourage you to look through the server and become one of the most powerful people. After all - it is an anarchy server!

Contact Us

Please go to https://tommustbe12.com/contact/ and make sure you make the description descriptive that it's a server question/inquiry.


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There are no updates that have occurred recently.